Startup Services

A specially tailored package for new businesses. We provide the essential business services, support and advice that help you get your business off the ground with confidence. Everything you need to set yourself up for success.

New business set-up and planning

Providing expert advice and support to get your business started - knowing that your plans are financially sound and everything's structured in a tax efficient way.

Business Structure

We help you navigate the initial decisions about business structure; including important tax considerations. Then we help you get everything setup and ready to launch.

Helping you plan

Our financial modelling expertise helps you develop your business plans, forecasts and budgets. Giving you confidence that your plans are financially sound.

Setting up systems

We save you time, money and future growing pains by setting up your bookkeeping systems; and we make things easy with friendly training and ongoing support.

Funding and Investment

We help work out what funding you need, advise on where you can get it from (including innovative finance) and help you develop professional and financially credible proposals.

Your business format has implications for taxation, raising finance and personal liability, so it's vital to get expert guidance and choose the right option. We'll explain your options and help you decide what will work best for you - sole trader, partnership, limited liability partnership or limited company. We'll also work out whether you need to register for VAT, or could save money by registering volunarily.

Once we've helped you find your optimal setup, we'll save you time and stress by helping you register your new business with everyone you need to.

We help you develop your business idea into a strategic business plan; ensuring you start out on a sound financial footing. A well developed business plan is also essential for securing business funding and grants.

Using our expertise in financial modelling we help develop your business idea into robust financial forecasts - helping identify the main business risks and uncertainty and advising you on what you can do to mitigate them. You can focus on growing your business confident that your business goals are achievable.

As your business grows and develops you can be confident that we can grow with you - adding on the additional support you need from our business intelligence and strategic planning services.

Control over your cashflow and working capital is essential for new businesses. Even rapidly growing and highly profitable businesses can fail because they run out of cash.

We carefully analyse your business plans to make sure you have the financing you need to meet your business goals and estimated growth, as well as to invest in any plant, equipment or other assets you need.

When you do need external funding, we use our expertise to help choose the most appropriate source for your business and help you prepare your business proposal. Lenders and investors usually require detailed technical information such as financial forecasts - we'll prepare these for you so that your proposal has the financial rigor and credibility that's essential to securing the best possible terms.

Depending on your needs and budget we can also provide ongoing monitoring on your cashflow and other business performance metrics, developing these into more comprehensive management accounts as your business matures.

We'll help you implement your bookkeeping systems using state of the art cloud based accounting software. This makes it more convenient and cost effective than ever to maintain your books and records. It integrates with your bank accounts, lets you check balances, upload purchase invoices and receipts and send customer invoices wherever you have internet access. We know there's a lot to do when setting up a new venture -  cloud based systems give you the flexibility to run your business and access your accounts from work, home, or on the go.

We'll help you choose the package that's right for you, set everything up and provide friendly initial training.

The advantage of cloud based systems is that we can share access to your accounts, meaning that we can provide high quality ongoing support. We can also seamlessly integrate your data with our systems - so there's no need to transfer your books to us. Or, if your budget stretches to it we can take care of everything for you - incorporating services from our full bookkeeping service.

Your new business will need support and we can connect you with a variety of suppliers and and professionals - designers, website developers, printers, solicitors and bankers to name but a few.

Financial Reporting and Tax

We're guessing you're starting up a new business because you have a great proposition and the passion and energy to see it through. Our core accounting services let you focus on developing your new business, confident that your financial reporting and tax are in expert hands and that you're making use of all available tax reliefs.

Peace of mind

Starting a new business is stressful enough. Our expertise brings you peace of mind that your accounts, tax and finances are in order.

Saving you time and effort

There's a long list of topics to learn about when starting up, but we'll cross complex accounting rules and tax obligations off your list.

Tailored to you

We tailor our services to you - so you don't pay for more than you need. And as your business takes off we scale up our support.


Good advice is essential when you're new to business. Our support package means that we're there for you without you worrying about hourly fees.