Our passion is working closely with you as part of your team, understanding what's best for you right now so that we can help you grow your business and meet your goals. This means that everything we do, including our pricing, is tailored to your specific needs and budget.

Fixed Fees

We always agree a fixed fee with you upfront - so you'll never receive a surprise bill. We don't believe in charging by the hour and don't think it's fair. We believe in our ability to work with you to define exactly what you need and price it accurately upfront.

Transparent Pricing

We're fully transparent with our pricing and always do it face-to-face with you. We gather the detail we need, explain why we need it and how it impacts the price, and give your detailed quote there and then during the meeting.

Bespoke Approach

We won't shoe-horn you into rigidly defined packages. Every package we offer is customised around your needs, and because our pricing is interactive we can always find a way to tailor how we work together to fit your budget.

Business Package Pricing

Your business is unique - and so is the investment you need to make in it's financial management. Our pricing takes into account the exact level of service you need from us. We can't quote you a price online, but can share with you the process we follow to come up with a custom quote that's right for you:


We'll find out more about your business, your goals and the obstacles you're facing in pursuing them. This gives us the information we need to start tailoring a package of services that will help move your business forward and achieve your goals.


We'll talk about key business operations and get the information we need to calculate an accurate price for each service in your package. We'll also discuss opportunities for you to work with us more efficiently and reduce our prices further.

Our pricing is done face-to-face with you, so we can be fully transparent about how we calculate costs and so we can fine tune our level of service there and then. Once we're agreed we'll follow up the same day with a written proposal.

Examples - although we can't give you a price online, we can indicate the type of investment typically made by businesses at different stages in their success journey.



Annual Revenue

Years in business

Typical fees

Business opportunities and challenges




< £100k

0 - 1

per month

Profitable and independent, but spinning lots of plates.

Feel like they have a job, not a business owner. Want to eliminate time and stress of managing finances.

Lean Business

2 - 12

£100k - £500k

2 - 4

£145 - £650
per month

Tight team, but no free time. Great investment plans but lack funding.

Increase revenue, make the right investments in scalability. Start to operate like a larger business.

Growing Business

13 - 30

£500k - £2m

3 - 6

£650 - £2500
per month

Revenue good, but cashflow bad. System and scalability challenges.

Improve cashflow. Make operations slick, so that the day-to-day is left to management team.

Other Services

For details on the pricing of our other services: