Private Clients

Our private client services save you time and stress, help you keep more of what you earn, grow your wealth, provide for the future and meet your financial goals.

Managing your wealth

We help you manage your personal wealth as tax efficiently as possible.

Individual tax planning helps you keep more of what you earn and take full advantage of tax incentives for saving, investing and retirement planning - helping you meet your life goals.

Making life easy

Personal tax rules are more complex than ever. So are people's tax situations.

We provide peace of mind that you're fully compliant and paying the right amount of tax. And we save you time - you've worked hard for your money; we help you enjoy it.

Providing for loved ones

Most of us want to make adequate provision for family and friends who survive us.

The rules around inheritance tax means that you need to plan well in advance. We can help with estate planning - maximising the amount that you leave behind for your loved ones.

By the time we're completing your tax return for you it's usually too late to do anything to minimise your current year tax. The best we can do is help you plan better for next time.

With our personal tax planning service we're available for advice throughout the year - so you can be sure of the tax implications of any decisions you need to make and what you can do to save money.

We then meet up a few months before the end of the tax year for a more comprehensive review of your tax position. This gives time to put plans in place and take action before year end.

Many taxpayers struggle to understand the complex self-assessment process and complete their returns correctly. Ongoing changes to tax legislation only make things worse; as does the fact that a lot of people's tax affairs are more complex than they were before.

We offer a full self-assessment tax return service - however complex your tax affairs:

  • Employment Income
  • Dividend income
  • Property Income
  • Capital Gains
  • Savings Income
  • Pensions Contributions

We save you time and worry by handling your self assessment for you. We do all the necessary computations, complete your return, and even offer advice on how you can minimise your tax liability.

We can also act as your agent, dealing directly with the Inland Revenue for you. And should you be selected for a tax enquiry we can help represent you.

The earlier you make arrangements the greater your opportunities for tax planning.

We can guide you through the options available to you:

  • To make full use of the exemptions and lower tax rates on lifetime transfers.
  • Optimising lifetime transfers between spouses.
  • Transferring agricultural or business property.
  • Transferring assets into trusts.
  • Ensuring life assurance cover is adequate to cover potential inheritance tax liabilities.

It's equally important when planning to transfer your estate that you make adequate provision for you and your spouse in later years. We review this with you and help get the balance right.

HMRC is carrying out more tax enquiries and compliance checks than ever before - often selected at random. If this happens to you, you will need to prove that any suspicions are unfounded. You'll be required to answer detailed questions about your personal tax and enquiries can drag on for several months. Without tax investigation cover, professional fees can come to hundreds or thousands of pounds.

We don't want you to have to worry about this, so can include a service under which, in the event of an HMRC enquiry or inspection:

  • We represent your case with HMRC, saving you the hassle, without any additional cost to you.
  • If the case is complex, we have free access to specialist tax advisers (including former HMRC inspectors) so that you have the best possible defense.
  • If matters progress further, you won't be charged for most professional costs in defending you.

Most importantly, this means that you'll never have to concede to HMRC's demands because of financial pressures.


Everyone's personal tax affairs are different and this impacts the complexity of their tax planning and tax returns. Our pricing takes into account your tax circumstances, so you only pay for the work you need done. This means we can't quote you an exact price online, but we can share the principles we follow in providing you a custom quote.

No surprises

We don't believe in hourly billing, and don't think it's fair on our clients. For all our tax returns, and most of our tax planning we'll agree a fixed fee with you before starting any work.

Only pay for what you need

For tax returns our prices are set based on the type and number of different income sources you have. We'll always provide a detailed quote and be fully transparent with you in our pricing.

No savings no fee

For some complex tax planning where the outcome is uncertain we'll agree a fee based on a percentage of the tax we save. This means you're never left out of pocket if things don't work out as planned.

Examples although we can't quote you an exact price online, here are some examples of prices different types of clients pay:

High Earners

per year

High earners
per year

Tax planning meeting - looking for opportunities to avoid high marginal rates of tax and any additional tax charges due to pension relief taper - helping you keep more of what you earn.

Income from employment
(up to two different employers in the year)**

Interest income on bank savings
(up to two different interest bearing accounts)**

Unlimited phone and e-mail support*

Registration with HMRC

Assumes all pension savings for the year made via employers salary sacrifice pension scheme.**

Assumes all investments via ISA / LISA or employers share schemes.**

Tax investigation fee cover

Savvy Investors

per year

Savvy investors
per year

Tax planning meeting - ensuring all appropriate tax shelters are being used, and being maxed out. We can also explore tax savings from more complex reliefs such as VCT, EIS, SEIS.

Income from employment / pension
(up to two different sources in the year)**

Interest and dividend income
(up to five different sources)**

Unlimited phone and e-mail support*

Registration with HMRC

Assumes all pension savings for the year made via employers salary sacrifice pension scheme.**

Assumes no capital gains, e.g. from disposals of shares outside ISA / pension**

Tax investigation fee cover

Capital Gains Disposal

per year

Capital Gains Disposal
per year

Tax planning meeting - ensuring all relevant expenses and reliefs are claimed and that everything possible has been done to avoid high marginal rates of tax.

Income from employment / pension / savings interest only (up to two sources)**

Single item being disposed of (e.g. second property)**

Unlimited phone and e-mail support*

Registration with HMRC

Assumes all pension savings for the year made via employers salary sacrifice pension scheme.**

Assumes all investments via ISA / LISA or employers share schemes.**

Tax investigation cover

* fair use policy applies
** we're happy to accommodate variations, but extra fees would apply. Please call for a quote.