Construction Industry Scheme

Whether you're a contractor or a subcontractor, we provide all of the specialist accounting services your business needs when operating within the Construction Industry Scheme. Our construction industry services can be added to the support we provide with any of our Business Packages.


Our expertise and support helps you meet your obligations as a Contractor under the Construction Industry Scheme.

Subcontractor verification

We provide a fast and efficient service for all your subcontractor verification. Saving you time and hassle, and helping you build great relationships with your subcontractors by ensuring their deductions are as low as possible.

CIS 300 monthly returns

We calculate the correct deductions to be made from each subcontractor and report this online to HMRC at the end of each month. Saving you the time and administrative burden so that you can focus on your business.

Payment Certificates

We provide payment certificates for you to issue to your subcontractors, so that they're clear on what's been deducted and why. Helping you keep on good terms and making life easy for them to manage their tax affairs.


Whether your self employed or have already set up your own company - we'll take care of your CIS status alongside the other support we provide your business.

We go beyond ensuring your deductions are taken into account in your tax calculations; we'll review your CIS status on an ongoing basis, checking deductions are as low as possible and getting you to gross status as soon as possible.

What's more, you get the personal touch and rounded experience of a local practice - giving you individually tailored advice to help you grow your business.