About us

We're a Chartered Accountancy practice serving clients in Surrey, Kent and South London. A small dynamic firm, providing a fresh approach - we go beyond traditional accountancy services, making it easier for you to manage your business and achieve your goals.

Go Beyond

We do more than traditional accounting and tax compliance - we provide entrepreneurial owner managed businesses with the strategic insight and essential business intelligence that helps them achieve more.

Forward Looking

Expertise in financial modelling, honed supporting trading desks at multinational investment banks, means our clients get world class forward looking analysis. Helping them get where they want to be.

Leadership toolkit

10+ years experience in financial leadership, including senior roles in FTSE 100 companies, means our clients benefit from a fully packed toolkit of management, strategic planning and leadership expertise.


We're passionate about what we do. The way we work, the quality of every service we provide, how deeply we understand the businesses we support, our ability to find solutions to their problems and contribute towards their goals.

About us | Ceri Williams | Oxwich Accountancy

Our Approach

We work more closely with our clients than a traditional accountancy practice. Of course it's important to keep good financial records and comply with tax and other requirements - and this is something we're great at.

But for us it's also important to use that data to help you make better decisions about your business. This is the difference between accountancy and finance.

Most SME's can't afford the cost of a full time Finance Director and in-house finance function, but we don't think you should lose out.

That's why we want to be more than your accountants, our package of services is designed to give you the same strategic insight and financial leadership - at a fraction of the cost.

Who we are

Ceri Williams is the principal of Oxwich, which he founded in 2018. He completed his accountancy training at Deloitte, qualifying as a Chartered Accountant in 2007.

After qualifying, he then moved into investment banking and spent the next 10 years working in Commodities Trading. He's held senior finance roles at a leading UK investment bank and the energy trading arm of a multinational utility company.

In 2018, after 10 years in trading, he decided to start his own business – applying his financial and commercial skills to help and support entrepreneurial owner managed businesses.

Ceri is a Fellow of the Institute of Chartered Accountants in England and Wales. He has a PhD in Mathematics and holds the Certificate in Quantitative Finance.

Who we are | Ceri Williams | Oxwich Accountancy
Our experience | Ceri Williams | Oxwich Accountancy

The experience we bring

Unlike a lot of accountancy firms we've spent a long time working in finance, including Director roles in FTSE 100 companies. We want to bring that experience to you and help you meet your business goals.

We've built and managed complex accounting processes, reported and analysed P&L on exotic trading books. We've designed and implemented sophisticated controls, complying with the demands of the toughest of regulatory environments. We've formed new teams, led major system development programmes and delivered strategic change initiatives.

We're experts in financial modelling - valuing complex deals, analysing risk and investigating financial outcomes of complex business scenarios. Why not find out how we can help evaluate your business plans?