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Why bookkeeping is a superpower

Yesterday I was at a mastermind event with other progressive accountancy firm owners and was asked why, given my background, I bother with year-end and bookkeeping work? Wouldn't I be better off working exclusively as a virtual FD providing strategic advice?

I guess it's a natural question (for that group) since there are some well known virtual FD franchises that make it a point of not getting involved in the "grubby, low margin" work (as it was once put to me).

My answer is pretty simple:
✅ Great businesses come from making great decisions.
✅ Great decisions can only be made with great data.

By offering a full stack of services I know that I have the detailed and reliable data I need to provide the quality of advice I want to.

And it means I'm more deeply connected to my client's business - deeper understanding translates to meaningful insights.

Far from being a nuisance, I have to put up with to make my client's lives more convenient (which is also important) - it's actually the superpower that lets me deliver more value in my strategic services.